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19 Days to London

How fast time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my 76 Days until London post.

London, January 2012.

Since that post so much has happened. For instance, I received my VISA from the United Kingdom Embassy and found student housing in Hammersmith, London! Unfortunately the university scholarship did not work out but I feel confident and completely at peace knowing God has everything in His capable hands. This is going to be one amazing year + !

British Museum, 2011
For those of you who are just now joining me on my journey - Welcome! - I will be studying for my Masters in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture, in central London starting January 2014! My dream (as of right now) is to create a nonprofit bringing the arts (written, spoken, painted, etc.) to children in hospices and hospitals. It's been seven (7) years since I was last in an university classroom so there will be some catch-up but it is so exciting. I feel so young and fearless.

2014 will be amazing what with living, studying, working and turning 30 in London!!!

Tower of London, 2011
So what is to be done during these next few weeks in California? SO MUCH! I still have to figure out my banking situation (need a free account in the States that I can use to make payments on my credit card & student loan, etc.), pack (big thanks to British Airways for a 3 checked bag option with Club World), say final goodbyes, enjoy all my favorite Christmas traditions (aka. decorating the tree tomorrow!), and wrap up at work.

My mum encouraged me to write up a bucket list of Southern California favorites that I want to do before the move and so far I have accomplished quite a few including:

  • Visit Disneyland (post coming soon!)
  • Direct the fabulous Kidzville Christmas nativity
  • Midori Sushi with Katy
  • Visit The Americana at Brand & Cheesecake Factory with Stephie

  • Eat those amazing Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes at BLD & visit The Grove
  • Have an In & Out dinner

I have also been extremely blessed by my coworkers with a fabulous luncheon at the beginning of the month -- such love! such blessings!

I stil have several things to do on my list so if you want to join, let me know! <3


  1. A bucket list is the way to go with cities ! Enjoy your new adventure ;)


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