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Congratulations Daniel & Kriselle

Daniel Walton (a dear 'lil brother' from childhood) got married this Saturday to the lovely Kriselle Santos. They could not have picked a more perfect day -- sunshine galore -- at Sterling Hills Golf Club in Camarillo!
There are always special moments at each wedding that make you say, "aww", and one of those at the Walton wedding was when Daniel and Kriselle shared personalized vows in the privacy of the gazebo while the rest of us sang In Christ Alone.

They also partook of communion as a couple while we sang Amazing Love and there was no doubt that God was at the center of the ceremony and their future marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Walton! 
My little brother, Johnny, was a groomsman at the wedding and looked quite dapper, if I can say so.

The reception was lovely with the typical first dances, a fun coffee cart, luncheon buffet, cake cutting (Daniel was very kind -- no cake smashed into his bride's face, lol), and some very sweet toasts from Daniel's dad, best man and the matron of honor. 
The first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Walton 
Aren't they adorable?
Mother & Son dance.
That adorable and silly brother of mine with his gf, Kristy.
Luncheon was buffet style with numerous salad options, potatoes, rolls, and a choice of red or white meat.
The cake cutting 

One of my favorite wedding traditions of late has to be the photo booths that double as a guestbook and some very fun entertainment for the guests. Being the natural "ham" in front of the camera I grabbed my date, David, and my bestie, Laurilee, and had some good laughs. A feather boa and tiara might have been involved in the fun, lol. ;)

And did I mention the bouquet toss? Lol. I usually hide in the back at these occasions afraid of being caught in a stampede. I stood to the side and could easily guess that Kriselle was going to toss the bouquet to the left where many of the bridesmaids/friends stood ready to pounce. My guess was correct but in the excitement the bouquet tumbled and literally fell at my feet so well there you have it -- yours truly caught the bouquet or rather the bouquet chose me. ;)

And just for the record, I have to mention my amazing dress. It's a gorgeous Kate Spade dress (originally $395) on sale for $59 at TJ Maxx. God bless TJ Maxx. ;)
I could not be happier for Daniel. He is a great young man of faith, humor, talent and love and it seems he has found the ideal soulmate and helpmate for life.

Flashback to 2007: Yours truly with Andrew T & Daniel W. Two old married men now. :)
Flashback 2001: Awana Scholarship Camp.