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Clik Camera Capsule: Review

Last Wednesday Carson Young, Domestic & International Sales Manager, graciously sent me my very own red Clik Camera Capsule (small)!
Photo from Clik Elite website
For those of you, like me, who want to carry your DSLR camera, lenses and flash, in your purse but don't want to  deal with a "camera bag" this is the PERFECT solution and I am not just saying that because I received my capsule for free.

Within the Clik Elite small capsule, I was able to put my Canon EOS D60 (with the 18-55 mm lens attached), Canon EF 70-300 mm lens, AND my flash speedlite! They were well cushioned and padded -- two removable dividers helped protect the camera, lens and flash from colliding against each other.

With an external measurement of 7"Hx11.25"Wx4.8"D, you need a good size tote purse to hold the capsule. For my weekend trip, I used my Guess tote bag measuring at 8.75"Hx13.5"Wx4.25"D. It was a tight squeeze but worked (as shown below in the photos) leaving room for my wallet, small makeup bag, phone and keys. (I will definitely be on the look out for a new tote to accommodate this capsule.)

But what a benefit the camera capsule is to have! It saves having to lug out BOTH the camera bag and my purse. It also helps avoid the appearance of a tourist. :)

Clik Elite Camera Capsule Small
External Dimensions: 7"Hx11.25"Wx4.8"D
Camera Compartments: 6.75"Hx11"Wx4.4"D
Weight (without the camera): 0.22 lbs.
Color: Red
Sku #: CE004
Cost (direct from the manufactorer): $40

My Rating:
Quality: A+ (sturdy, durable, and holds a substantial amount) 
Appearance: B+ (nothing to show off but nothing to complain about)
Price: B+/A- (a "camera bag" could easily set you back a couple hundred dollars)

So do yourself a favor and pick up a Clik Elite Camera Capsule today. Your camera will appreciate the cushioning and padding while your shoulder will appreciate not having to lug around two bags on your daily adventures. And be sure to let me know your opinions/thoughts in the comment feed.