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Bidding Adieu to the Harvest Carnival

Last night was my last Harvest Carnival on staff at the BRIDGE.

A tradition that happens every year on 31 October, Harvest Carnival includes trunk-or-treating, carnival games, a blow-up slide, popcorn, pizza and lots of really adorable children dressed up as their favorite Marvel characters and Disney princesses.

I am definitely going to miss the sweet moments such as when little Andrea ran up to my and gave me a big hug and her mommy and daddy asked for a photo of the two of us.

It is always a joy watching "my" amazing Sunday school teachers serve as trunk-or-treaters. They are fabulous with the children at the BRIDGE and bring so much to the carnival.

Big thanks to Mark (our elder chairman) and several other elders for coming and joining in the festivities -- supporting the staff and volunteers, mingling with the church families and visitors, and also participating as trunk-or-treat volunteers.

A nice treat was watching my little Rachel (Laurilee's daughter - a 3rd generation Bridge attendee) enjoying her 2nd Harvest Carnival dressed up as an adorable Nemo! Props to Laurilee for making the most precious of costumes.

Seems like just yesterday Laurilee and I were trunk-or-treating as kiddos at the Bridge!

Love and thanks to all the fabulous volunteers! It was a great "last" Harvest Carnival working alongside y'all.


  1. I kept seeing things about "trunk or treat" on Facebook and had no idea what it was, I had to Google it lol. It looks very convenient for the parents and especially for people in really spread out neighborhoods or who live in urban areas.

    1. Hi Brittany! It is indeed a terrific concept allowing for safe trick or treating :)



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