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Happy Anniversary, Mum & Dad!

Friday, 25 October, my parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!
Sunday, 27 October, their best friends, Karin and Harold, invited them (and me!) to dinner at Lure in Westlake Village to celebrate. What followed was a delightful evening devouring a scrumptious dinner followed by some amazingly sinful delicious desserts at their house (with Maizy in tow).

When we arrived at 5:20, we were almost immediately seated in a booth by the windows. Hot bread and butter were served as we checked out their menu.

The bread! O my gosh! It was so warm that the butter melted within seconds; Yum Yum.
A crab cake appetizer was ordered much to my delight as I have never had one before. The crab cakes had lots of flavor and tasted similar, IMO, to a tuna melt. The corn salsa had a kick of spice but complimented the crab cakes brilliantly. 
Our crab cake appetizers.
And everyone's fish was delicious!
I ordered the Wild Mahi Mahi.
Everything was terrific from service to food to ambience.
The bar at Lure was bursting with people watching the game and waiting for tables.
After the check was paid, we all headed over to K & H's home (while I made a slight detour to pick up Maizy). What awaited us at their house was something a photo cannot even begin to do justice. Karin had made homemade chocolate eclairs.

Karin's brilliant chocolate eclairs.
Seriously is there anything this amazing lady cannot make? I think not.
Yum Yum Yum.
And Maizy was in 7th heaven with 5 adults loving on her.
She surprised us all by climbing onto Harold's lap and giving him lots of kisses.

But her favorite hour of the night must have been when Karin gave her an ear and head massage. In fact Maizy started to make Snoopy-like sounds of pure contentment and joy.
Hilarious. Adorable. Darling.

 You would think it was Maizy's anniversary we were celebrating based on all the loves she received.


  1. So I basically want to dive head first into a life-size version of that eclair - looks delicious!!

    1. Hi Brittany. Trust me the eclair was beyond sensational... I licked my fork ;)



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