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Mary Kay - Yay or Nay?

A few weeks ago I attended my friend Kelsey Lofton's inaugural Mary Kay party and decided to try a few products in support of her new venture. I ended up buying their bronzing powder and a facial highlighting pen.

My Mary Kay purchases: Highlighting Pen & Bronzing Powder
Since I had a girly date for afternoon tea with Laura I decided now was an excellent time to try the new makeup.

I also used my Estee Lauder eyeliner pen, blush and lipstick and Bare Minerals foundation.

The Before Photos:

The After Photos:

So... What is the verdict?

Bronzing Powder: A-. The packaging is extremely minimal (a cheap feeling that apparently is common with the Mary Kay brand).  As for the product itself, it fulfills all it promises -- to create a warm glow to one's complexion.
The description reads:
Create a glowing, sun-kissed complexion with an easy to apply matte shade that adds warmth.
Highlighting Pen: B/B-. I am still undecided -- the results aren't as obvious as I would hope for $18. Also the instructions included in the box are not helpful. I had to watch a video on YouTube to remember the proper application instructions.
The description reads:
Instantly your skin looks brighter, your tone more even and your face more radiant.
Mary Kay Consultant, Kelsey Lofton: A. Kelsey has a great demeanor and personality suited for sales and being a Mary Kay consultant.  She is a friendly and warm party hostess making you feel at ease even if it's your first party (like me) and hand delivers your purchases with a sweet personal note and makes a point of following up in person. Lovely customer service.

So... What does everyone think? Opinions welcome.

A silly out-take (post makeup):