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I Love Autumn.

Autumn is four days away! I cannot wait because as you might not have guessed yet I LOVE the autumn season. It is probably my favorite season of the year with the pumpkin lattes, baking, changing leaves, Thanksgiving holiday, warm scarves and jumpers (sweaters), The Ovation Awards, and the Harvest Carnival @ the Bridge.

Disneyland 2012
"Giving Thanks for You" 2012 @ Tranquility Tea Room
Kicking up my heels, 2012
Ovation Awards, 2011
Ovation Awards 2012 with Seamus Dever ("Castle")
My first Dutch Baby, 2012 -- a family tradition
Harvest Carnival 2012 at #thebridgeNP
What are your favorite parts of autumn?

Joy Michelle

p.s. i LOVE jumping in puddles!
Jumping in puddles @ WDW 2007