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213 Days Until...

Soon I turn thirty.
Let's make something happen this year.
My life is starting.
- Joy Michelle

In 213 days I am turning 30. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am and so was inspired to create a bucket list. I'll try to post a picture of "proof".

1. Move to London (Coming true in January!!)
"A Fresh Start"
2. Get a tattoo. (Completed on August 3rd)
"Tattooed for Christ"
3. Meet Mr. Right.
4. Have afternoon tea at The Ritz.

5. Visit Jane Austen's house in Chawton. #janeausten

6. Visit Mayerling, Austria. #CrownPrinceRudolf #MayerlingIncident

7. Visit D-Day beaches in Normandy. (70th anniversary in 2014!)

8. Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and other Holocaust sites.

9. Visit New York City.

10. Publish my first novel.
@ Abbey Road, 2011
11. Visit all the Disney theme parks in the world.
Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Hong Kong, Disneyland Tokyo 
Walt Disney World, College Program, 2007
12. Have a spa day and be pampered.
13. Kiss and dance in the rain.
14. Get my M.A. degree.
15. Have dinner at the chef's table at a five star restaurant.
16. Attend an English wedding. (Yay for Kaz + James 2014!)
17. Go for a hot air balloon ride.
18. Learn a foreign language (German or Italian).
19. Own a Prada purse.
20. Sleep under the stars.
21. Take a boat ride down the Danube River.
22. Visit Jerusalem, Israel.
23. Enter a baking contest.
24. Get paid for my photography.
25. Act in another play. (Haven't acted since college.)
26. Be debt free.
27. Be a godmother.
28. Have a white picket fence.
29. Have a son named Heyworth.
30. Have a daughter named Daphne.

Haha, some of those are definitely random but that's the point of them being wishes, yes? What are some of your top wishes?

Joy Michelle


  1. What a fun list. You have inspired me to create one of my own!


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