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Rescued! Tomma's Story

Yesterday, I came home from my afternoon walk and found a toy-size dog walking towards me. She was cute and friendly so I approached and tried to find a tag but alas she was without collar and tags so I took her home when I couldn't find anyone who appeared worried and on the search. She was so tiny that she could easily have been run over by a car before she was even spotted - roads are a scary place for stray dogs. After making some calls and putting some photos on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to take her to the Conejo Valley Veterinarian Hospital off Thousand Oaks Blvd. where they scanned for her tracker and tried to locate the owner. An hour later, we were still waiting -- she had never been officially registered after adoption so the trail was cold in finding the owners -- and I was not going to take her to the animal rescue (heck, no!) so we decided to give the neighborhood one more go-around to see if we could figure out where she had come from.

The Lord was on our side because when we approached the first house on the corner of the street behind our house, the dog pushed her head through the ajar front door (good sign!) and when I knocked and was greeted by the lady of the house she immediately recognized the dog (Tomma is the dog's name)! In fact it turns out that they had not a clue she was missing these 3+ hours. :O 

So, thankfully our story ended happily for Tomma, her owners and my family. Unfortunately so many dogs do get lost and are either hurt in road accidents or sent to the pound because they don't have proper identification so please do your furry friend a favor and register your pets' chip so that they can be properly cared for and returned to you!

If you are in the Conejo Valley area, I cannot recommend the Conejo Valley Veterinarian Hospital highly enough. The staff are very caring and reliable and helpful. They also take injured wild animals such as squirrels and owls.

1850 East Thousand Oaks Blvd. (next to Lupe's)
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 495-4671

Joy Michelle