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We Love Marlin

Monday night, the staff and pastors at the BRIDGE got together for dinner with Marlin and Lori @ Brendan's. Laughter, good memories, and delicious food were shared.

Marlin and the staff

Marlin and the ladies -- looking serious ;)

Marlin and the ladies -- big smiles :)
food wasn't that shabby either! good fish 'n chips (so filling!)

Our wonderful Marlin and Lori <3
The adorable Tom and Karen. Too cute.

Amazing boss
Reads good books! Always has a recommendation or two.
Loves the LORD.
Negotiator - always so level headed.
I am so grateful to have served with Marlin these 4 years. What an amazing boss, mentor, man of God and friend he was to all of us. I cannot wait to see what roads God takes him and Lori down -- amazing things, no doubt. <3