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Inked for Christ

Well... it's official! Yesterday, 3 August 2013, I went to NATHAN'S TATTOOS in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, and got my first (and only, thank you!) tattoo.

Big thanks to A for going with me and for R for the inspiration of "his" and to "Captain Todd" who did an amazing job and made it such an enjoyable experience.

Now, before you all freak out and say "what were you thinking, Joy!?!!" (lol) please know that this was not as spur of the moment as it might seem nor something I believe will be a regret. I have always thought some tattoos to be beautiful and admired my Uncle Tim, Pastor Chuck, and friends who have been inked and wanted one but never could think of something I'd want on my body permanently aside from a wedding band tattoo. Being single, the wedding band never materialized, lol, but after an intense time spent with God I decided on a tattoo that will work as a symbolic reminder to me of the God I serve and an excellent testimony opportunity. As a Christian, I want to honor God with any tattoos I put on my body and am not a fan of Scripture verses and/or references on the tattoo because it can be easily passed over by our non-Christian friends as "Christianese" whereas the tattoo I got I believe will invoke questions and opportunities to share about the God I love and serve eternally.

So deep breathe and here you go! Some photos from yesterday's adventures...

"Captain Jack" preparing to start! O my!

It's happening, folks!

What, no pain???

This is actually fun. O my!

O, how pretty! Eternally his (God's)!

The artist and the proud owner of a new tattoo.

A and me with our tattoos proclaiming our love for our Lord and Savior.
God please use us and our tattoos for your glory!

If you live in the Los Angeles/Ventura County area, I cannot recommend Nathan's Tattoos enough. As a tattoo virgin, I was half expecting a grungy and questionable environment. In actuality, I found myself walking into a salon-like environment which was clean, inviting, warm, well-lit, and spacious with a very friendly greeting from the owner himself! Everything was extremely sterile and sanitary and I felt completely at ease and safe the entire time. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Also, if you are wondering at my convictions to get a tattoo and think it contradicts my faith, I invite you to read a great article by Pastor Chuck Gerwig on "Tattoos and the Bible". I am confident and assured that this was not a rash decision I shall regret and truly is something that can and will bring glory and honor to the Lord above.

Joy Michelle


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