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I Gotcha, Johnny!!

Yay for my lil' brother! Today my family, Travis (Johnny's best man) and Kristy (Johnny's best gal) all celebrated Johnny's Gotcha Day, albeit a day early. What a joy it is to have such a precious and wonderful brother. These 28 years have FLOWN BY and I would not trade a single one for a year w/o my brother.
August 5, 1985 @ LAX
Johnny is heading out to Death Valley (Yuck!) for a 5 week shoot so we had to celebrate today which is fine by me... Life is a celebration.

After church, we all met up at a family favorite, Wood Ranch, and ate to our hearts content while laughing and truly enjoying some great and FUN chatter.

Why are WR's rolls always so delicious??

Travis, Mum and Dad

Johnny <3 Kristy

"An Oreo Sandwich" (acc to mum, lol)

Tri-Tip + Ribs. Yummmmmmmmmmmy!
Already looking forward to the left overs tomorrow. :)
After lunch, Johnny, Kristy, Travis and I went to a $3.50 movie cinema in Simi Valley where we saw Monsters University in 3-D (super cute and fun! nice surprise hearing the voice talent of Helen Mirren and Nathan Fillion) but not before playing with some adorable puppies at a pet shop next door. Ahhhhh.

Such a fun celebration of a great brother, son, friend, boyfriend, guy! Love you, Johnny, and can't wait to see what the next 28 years old and praying you don't die from the heat in Death Valley (ugh!).

Joy Michelle