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We Love Debbie!

A fun night was had by all on Saturday, 8/24, when the church staff and pastors headed over to Brendan's Irish Pub in Newbury Park (off Ventu Road).

The occasion: to celebrate our dear sister and friend and co-worker, Debbie.

Quotes from the evening:
Debbie (trying a "car bomb"): O, it is curdling! 
Marlin: I saw you (Joy) on the video this week.
Joy (Yours truly): I looked so Asian!
Marlin: You're Asian? I worked with you for 4 years and I never knew! 
Renee (about her cocktail): It's putting hair on my chest! 

The adorable Karen.
Debbie and Lori
The lovely Tara! 

Veronica and yours truly

Nancy R, Alex R and Debbie

Debbie and Tara

Debbie opening her gift

The office ladies with Debbie. <3