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SYTYCD: Chemistry

For those of you who don't know, So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite reality show. I love getting to watch the contestants branch out and try different genres (especially paso doble) and the connection between partners as they work together during the first 5 weeks of competition.
This season my favorites are: Malece, Fick-shun/Amy, and Curtis/Hayley.
I was saddened to see my 2nd favorite pair split up tonight when Curtis (who had suffered a shoulder injury) was eliminated. They had a great connection as friends on the show and their chemistry during their routines was undeniable. Did anyone notice last week how cute they were talking about the chemistry "date" and Hayley's day's facial reactions? Lol. Only on live television.

I pray and hope for a swift recovery for Curtis would definitely rank them as a favorite couple along with Katie/Joshua, Kherrington/Twitch and Ade/Melissa. Hayley is definitely someone to keep watch.
My other favorite couple on the show, Amy and Fik-Shun, were the highlight of the evening with their brilliant chemistry and charisma. I could easily replay their hip-hop routine without getting bored. And bravo Amy for a terrific and professional recovery when she slipped on the napkin.
They are undoubtedly the couple to beat!
All that to say that if you aren't already watching Fox's SYTYCD, get your DVRs set because it is good all-around fun entertainment.

Joy Michelle