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Disneyland with Family

Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo
Family comes to town and we go to Disneyland! 

And boy was it one whirlwind of a day. I worked at church in the morning and then ran off to Disneyland with mum right after -- traffic was moderate on the I-5 but five crazy drivers nearly killed us with their swerving and speeding. Where are the coppers when you want them? Lol. After 1 1/2 hours driving south, mum and I were in for a surprise -- very frustrating one, too -- when traffic getting off Disneyland Drive was bumper to bumper. Apparently the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure was closed because of a gas leak so traffic was re-routed to the Toy Story parking lot. After one hour of being bumper to bumper on the road, we found out there were NO bathrooms in the parking lot. I was not a happy Disney guest. No sirrree.

After all that, we made it! Can we all take a deep breathe and say "Finally!" Let the magic happen.
Johnny + Kristy (2012)
Johnny + Kristy (2013)
So we rush into the park and find out that Y and her guys were at the hotel giving the twins an afternoon nap! Shucks. So we meet up with Johnny, Kristy, Tim and Stephanie, for some fun including Star Tours, Matterhorn and Space Mountain.
Thunder Ranch
Petting Zoo

By five o'clock, the rest of the family was ready to play so we all meet up and went to the Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo. The boys LOVED IT and "Cousin Joy" felt pretty proud of herself finding it like I had last time I was at Disneyland.

We had a chance to see goats, sheep and the goat run at 6 o'clock.

Kristy made a new friend!

Washing Hands @ Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo
After playing with the goats and sheep, we had dinner in New Orleans Square before visiting the twins' favorite ride: the rocket ships! They had already been on the ride 2x in the morning but wanted to ride it again with Johnny and yours truly -- a big grin! -- so we all went on the Astro Orbitors in Tomorrowland. The boys must be very brave because I was scared! The "rocket ships" were tilted even upon boarding. Talk about an awkward situation trying to gracefully climb into the ride when wearing a dress.

We also tried out Astro Blasters (Toy Story) but it proved a bit too scary for the boys (sorry, guys!) and Autopia which the boys loved although I did not have an easy time keeping the car going and had to really push on the gas pedal. C even kept saying "it stopped again, cousin Joy!" Lol, I think he might have preferred riding with Auntie Jayne after that experience, haha. Sorry, C!

After meeting up with the rest of the family outside Autopia, we all headed for the park exit with the fireworks playing above our heads. It was a great afternoon and evening with some wonderful people I call family and love.

What was your favorite Disneyland/Magic Kingdom ride as a child? Mine were Storybook Boats and Go, Go Gadget Coaster.

I cannot wait to see Y and her boys on Thursday when they come to visit for a week!! <3

Joy Michelle