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Baking in the Kitchen!

25 May 2013

heavenly blueberries!
Who doesn't try at least one new recipe during the Memorial Day weekend?

Well, thanks to The Londoner (see her blog under my blogroll), I tested out a recipe she has entitled, Red, White and Blueberry! Seemed patriotic and I do love me some white chocolate and blueberries so why not put them together, yes? The frosting is to die for (rich white chocolate! I used only the best -- thank you Godiva!) and hopefully the Sunday school teachers tomorrow will enjoy! Until then, might I wet your appetite a wee bit? :)

Red velvet brownie!
Godiva white chocolate frosting!
All together now... YUM!

the finished product: Red, White and Blueberry!

So what are y'all making this weekend?

kissies, Joy Michelle

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