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A Joyous Quinceañera

I had never been to a Quinceañera before but having previously worked at Walt Disney World, I knew it was reason to have a spectacular celebration ball in the Magic Kingdom. 

This past Sunday, I was invited to attend Corinne's Quinceañera at our church. She is sweetness itself and had been in my middle school small group several years ago so I jumped at the possibility of attending her celebration. The evening did not fail to impress. Words would do it an injustice.

the coral colored table decorations

the piles of gifts including some gorgeous heels!

Corinne and her gorgeous hair, dress and flowers!

Part of Corinne's court

Every girl deserves a tiara.


  1. uber sweet.... love it, what fun colors, too!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I added you to my blogroll and liked you with "bloglovin". :)

  2. So Beautiful Joy! I Love How You Captured The Moment.


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