Womens History Month: Ruth

20 March 2017

Evening friends! In keeping with my month of art and short stories about courageous and inspiring women in the Bible, I bring you... Ruth the widow.
"The Story of Ruth" by Thomas Matthew Rooke
Ruth has to have been one of the bravest and remarkable women in the Bible. She could easily give many women in the 21st century a run for their money. She was a widow, a non-believer and had no obligation to her former mother-in-law, Naomi, after her husband passed away. Yet, she not only stays at Naomi's side she also goes with Naomi to a foreign country where she was seen as the enemy and dealt with what I can only imagine was a great deal of scorn and hatred and fear from the Israelites. And get this... SHE proposed marriage to Boaz! You got that. She was quite a remarkable woman and here are just a few depictions of the great Biblical story. Enjoy!

I. Ruth meets Boaz in the fields
So Boaz said to Ruth, “My daughter, listen to me. Don’t go and glean in another field and don’t go away from here. Stay here with the women who work for me. Watch the field where the men are harvesting, and follow along after the women. I have told the men not to lay a hand on you. And whenever you are thirsty, go and get a drink from the water jars the men have filled.” - Ruth 2:8-9
"Harvesters Reesting (Ruth & Boaz)" by Jean-Franรงois Millet

II. Ruth at the threshing floor
“I am your servant Ruth,” she replied. “Spread the corner of your covering over me, for you are my family redeemer.” - Ruth 3:9b
"Boaz and Ruth" by Charles Lock Eastlake

Womens History Month: Jael

10 March 2017

Happy Friday... And in honor of Womens History Month may I present another incredible woman from the Bible...


Jael is briefly mentioned in the Book of Judges as the heroine who murders Sisera in order to deliver her people from the King of Jabin.
Jael and Sisera by Jacopo Amigoni (1739)

Years ago a mentor and good friend told me that he thought Jael would make a great biblical example and role model for me. Imagine my surprise to find out she was the murderess with the spike. :)

Jael and Sisera by Artemisia Gentileschi.

Extolled above women be Jael,
Extolled above women in the tent.
He asked for water, she gave him milk;
She brought him cream in a lordly dish.
She stretched forth her hand to the nail,
Her right hand to the workman's hammer,
And she smote Sisera; she crushed his head,
She crashed through and transfixed his temples.
- Judges 5:24-26

Womens History Month: Hannah

01 March 2017

I cannot believe it is already March and the First day of Lent as well as the beginning of Womens' History Month!
Hannah presents Samuel to Eli, Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
As I read the tweets and see the Facebook posts talking about suffragettes and standing up for womens' "rights", I have impulsively decided to dedicate this month to focusing on the Women of the Bible and the amazing things they stood for and represent.

So to start with one of my all time favourites -- Hannah, the mother of Samuel. I love how strong of heart and faith she was to continue praying steadfastly even when "logic" would suggest all hope was gone. And to think that she was willing to "give [her son] to the LORD for all the days of his life" even after asking for him!

The power of her conviction and faith is mind-boggling and so incredible! I hope this has been inspiring for you too...

Blessings and best wishes to all my lovely readers.

Need a Post Surgery Bra?

Hi Ladies!
Have you ever had surgery on your spine and been amazed at how painful it is to try and put on your old bra afterwards? Do you perhaps have pain and spasms in your shoulders and back making it impossible to wear a normal bra without tears of pain?

If so, might I recommend the *miracle* bra I discovered three months post surgery!! If only someone had told me about this great bra earlier...

Presenting... Fruit of the Loom's Front Close Built Up Sports Bra!
(c) Fruit of the Loom.

  • The bra is super soft with the material being 95% cotton and only 5% spandex. 
  • There are 6 easy to use hook and eye closures in the front and often I will only have the strength to use two or three of the closures and that works just fine...
  • The bra is machine washable which means less fussing post surgery.
(c) Fruit of the Loom.
For the fashionista in each of us, there are a few FYIs:
  • There is moderate ruching in the front which can be seen under thinner tops.
  • Depending on what you are wearing. it is possible and likely you will be showing some of the bra whether the back, front or shoulder straps.

But honestly I cannot recommend this bra more... It has been a lifesaver for me allowing me to wear a bra again post-surgery without causing extra pain to my shoulders and back!!

Final suggestion -- if you are in need of comfort, buy the bra TWO to THREE sizes LARGER then you normally wear! I tried several sizes (my normal size and one up) and had terrible pain in my shoulders and finally settled on a bra two sizes up and it works like a charm.

Enjoy! And I hope this has been helpful!!

Dirty Dancing: Blast from the 80s!

03 February 2017

Dirty Dancing the Musical is a fresh blast from the 80's with phenomenal dancing and the great songs we love!
Bronwyn Reed and Christopher Tierney. Photo by Matthew Murphy.


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