Happy New Years!

09 January 2017

Hi love!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season and New Year's. Can you believe is already 9 January 2017? I for one do not know where the time has gone. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday I was in London enjoying life to the fullest studying for my postgraduate work in Museum studies and making lifelong friends. And yet amazingly it has already been two years and two months since I left London after getting horribly sick. And yet other times it feels like 20 years since I was in London living life to the fullest. Where does the time go?
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I thought I would start the year off with a quick health update.

Review: LA Zoo Lights!

07 December 2016

Hi loves! Happy December... 'Tis the Season. Take a peek at my review of LA Zoo's lovely Zoo Lights program.

Quote of the Day

Be strong, fellow sufferers! And friends/family, remember to give your loved one a squeeze and word of encouragement.. Makes such a difference!

xo Joy

Quote of the Day

01 December 2016

Two years later... Still true... If people could see inside my actual pain level they would be shocked. #JustSaying

Disability: TWO YEARS

Hi love. I hope you all are well. Can you believe it's already 1 December?!
September 7th. Surgery Date.
It has been officially two years since I came home from London. Sometimes it feels like two months where and sometimes it feels like 20 years. Either way I looked back at the last two years and have to shake my head in amazement and frustration and in some ways also gratitude. The crazy part is so when I came home December 1, 2014 the doctors said that I had post viral fatigue and will be back to school by the end of January 2015. Look at us two years later and I am gone in circles with doctors, different diagnoses, surgery, and let's not forget about the constant pain and my legs, arms, hands, back, neck, etc. etc.


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