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01 December 2016

Two years later... Still true... If people could see inside my actual pain level they would be shocked. #JustSaying

Disability: TWO YEARS

Hi love. I hope you all are well. Can you believe it's already 1 December?!
September 7th. Surgery Date.
It has been officially two years since I came home from London. Sometimes it feels like two months where and sometimes it feels like 20 years. Either way I looked back at the last two years and have to shake my head in amazement and frustration and in some ways also gratitude. The crazy part is so when I came home December 1, 2014 the doctors said that I had post viral fatigue and will be back to school by the end of January 2015. Look at us two years later and I am gone in circles with doctors, different diagnoses, surgery, and let's not forget about the constant pain and my legs, arms, hands, back, neck, etc. etc.

Side Show is Beautiful

18 November 2016

Conejo Players is wrapping up their 2016 season with a beautiful production of SIDE SHOW THE MUSICAL loosely based on the real life siamese twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton. And what a gorgeous show vocally.


13 November 2016

Young Artists Ensemble's fall production of Shrek the Musical Jr. is one class act! Based on the DreamWorks movie and the Broadway musical this junior production takes the audience on a magical Adventure from Shrek's swamp to the colorful Duloc to Princess Fiona's dragon guarded tower and back again. And what a big, bright, beautiful show it is!

Review: Santa HQ

08 November 2016

Afternoon, friends! On this Election Day when tensions might be a bit high and as I ice my arms I thought it was time to share some more about HGTV and The Thousand Oaks Mall's SANTA HQ that has landed near the JCPenney Court from now until Christmas Eve.

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